First Frost of the Season

It's finally here! The first frost of the season has graced us.

Here is a view out our front door.

I will miss having the forest at our doorstep when we move next year.

During the past six years that we have lived out here along the lower Columbia River, this is the latest that we have had our first frost of the season.

I'm going to enjoy a cup of tea and a cozy pair of slippers.

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Cheers, Jenni


  1. No frost here just yet which is amazing!

  2. We had a very heavy frost here this morning too, it was so pretty. Your woods look lovely, too bad you will miss them when you move.

  3. Jenni, love the photos and especially the leaf! It is here... we have forecasts of 29 for the next 3 night lows. Hope this December 1 is the start of a wonderful month for you.

  4. Outstanding photos! I wish it was just a frost here. We got a foot of snow last night.

  5. Beautiful scenery, I love the frosty cold.

  6. Frost is magical! Great photos. It's really cold in Northern Ireland today so perhaps we'll get frost this weekend. We've had mild frost but no hard frost yet. Bring on the hats and scarves!

  7. Usually we'd be knee deep in frosticles by now, but it's positively balmy outside.

  8. Seems like winter is coming late to so many places this year. It's good to see it at last.


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