Snow Fussing

Oh the weather is wild here in the Pacific Northwest. It seems the forecast changes by the hour regarding a big snowfall predicted tonight.

Where I live appears to be on the cusp of the area expected for a large snow accumulation.  If the low pressure front around Northwest Washington moves a bit south, then I'll be hit with the white stuff.  My blogging friends in Seattle have already gotten quite a dumping of snow.

Our snowy house in 2009
We do tend to 'fuss' a lot about snow here.  It's just not a common sight in the winter and unless you're a transplant from some snowy place, no one native here know's how to drive all that well on it. Hence, lots of traffic accidents occur when the snow sticks. Pretty much, everything shuts down.  I know our friends elsewhere in the country are in disbelief, but we really are snow idiots.

I've been enjoying all of the birds at my feeders. Is it possible they look cuter in the snow? Juno's, chickadee's, sparrows and even some cedar waxwings have dropped by.

Our cupboards are full and the firewood has been stacked and readied for a big snow storm; we are ready should it actually happen.

Snow pic of the cottage from the 2008-09 storm
Hoping you are enjoying your winter weather.
Cheers, Jenni


  1. Jenni, I am certainly enjoying your weather. We have not had a Big One yet, and that is fine by me. Good luck to you if you get a lot. It does put down nice insulation for the plants.

  2. hehe...yes idiots is so right!! I have been enjoying all the local blogs, its amazing how amidst so much "snow-chaos" the garden is so beautiful and calm, quite stunning all sparkly and white! Will be interesting to see what tonight brings! Enjoy the snow!! Stay warm my friend..xx

  3. You're right, should it actually happen. I quit looking at the forecast this morning when we woke to rain. Hope you get just enough to have fun in.

  4. Hi Jenny, 'snow idiots'....that could be a good description of most people in London, where I have lived the last 13 years :-) It just doesn't snow often enough for people to get used to the stuff! I am from Norway and have seen and shovelled more than enough snow to last me a lifetime, but I can understand that there is a degree of interest if you only get it every 5-8 years, as we do here in London.

    It does make a spectacular backdrop for some amazing photos though :-) Hope you get some snow, without the chaos!

  5. "Snow Idiots" said it! I couldn't believe how much people over-reacted when I first moved's crazy!

  6. Most people make is sound like the world is coming to an end with all the changing forecasts, but I think we'll make it through. I know all the kids around here are loving it, and I think by next week it will be back to rainy and cold so I'm trying to enjoy the snow while it lasts! Happy Gardening (or surviving storms)

  7. We seem to get more birds when it snows. I try to have the feeders filled up right before a storm.
    Good luck with the storm! Make a snow man for me.

  8. Snow is so pretty! But not very practical at times. Where I'm at in Northern Ireland we're similar to yourselves, if we get snow it creates chaos. Luckily we haven't had much snow (one dusting so far I think), but there's time yet! Hope you're keeping warm.

  9. I don't think you need to call yourself snow idiots :-) You just don't have cause to invest in all the equipment that comes in handy when you have lots of snow every winter. When we lived in the midwest, snow wasn't a big deal because there was an army of snowplows to clear the roads quickly. And everyone had a snowblower or at least muscles from working the snow shovel :-) Hope your power hasn't been out like so much of the area.


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