Winter Sowing Update

Remember my dash of madness on Winter's Solstice? I was feeling pent up and cooped up in the house and shoved the boy outside with me to directly sow some seeds.

I figured it was just for fun. I didn't expect to see this now in early February!

I didn't expect any of the seeds to take and by golly, they ALL have!! That's right folks, each one of those seed packs that I sprinkled about my old pots, has sprouted. No cover, they've just been sitting out.

Surely this is madness?

What am I going to do with all these plants anyway? I won't have flower beds prepared until next fall at the new place. Ooops!

Clearly I need more pots.

I also planned to do another round of winter seed sowing using the mini-green house technique.  (Basically, I bought more seeds & supplies because I was sure the first round, using the direct sow method wouldn't work out ;)

Next will be direct sowing of some lettuce in the garden. If our winter is going to be mild, I'd like to take advantage and get a head start on my leafy greens.

I've learned a lot about winter seed sowing from my fellow garden bloggers and also the website dedicated to the subject.

What a great way to enjoy beautiful flowers on the cheap! I think I'm hooked.
Cheers, Jenni


  1. Well congratulations! What a fantastic surprise to see them all sprout! You're definitely going to have to get a few more pots for these lovely little ones.

  2. BY the time you move you should have some decent sized plants to plant out

  3. Congrats on all those beautiful little babies! I have to get going on my seed sowing. I'm just doing veggies this year. I still have a bunch I started last year that never got planted. I have to see if they survived winter in their little cups.

  4. Like you, I looked in my tins and there are lots of little sprouts. It's amazing how well it worked, but I hope they didn't sprout just early enough to get killed by a late frost. I guess we'll find out. However, it doesn't seem like too many pretty flowers is a bad problem to have!

  5. If you really, really wanted them to sprout, they probably wouldn't have! haha It will be fun to have so many flowers and blooms, though. And will make your little helper feel so important!

  6. Wow, good results with the seeds. As they get bigger, suppose you could pot them on in small pots, or thin out and leave in big pots? We're not getting the snow and ice in Northern Ireland, they seem to be getting it all in England and Scotland. Not sure if it will move across the Irish Sea to use or not.

  7. Wow your seed starting ability apparently rocks!!! I wish it were always that easy lol
    Congrats on the seed starting and isn't that the way of the gardener - Feast or famine!


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