The Living Home

The home is alive. It breaths, it feels.

Walls vibrate with the sound of children's laughter as they dash in and out, with make believe swords and bubble wands.

Machines hum with the noise of helpful productivity. Dishes and clothes washing. The mop bucket slides across the floor, the dusting cloth leaves a polished shine.

Doors slam as cats and dogs are let in and out. In and out. The warm air outside meanders through the open windows, caught on a gentle breeze, bringing along the scent of fresh cut grass.

Berries ripen in their carefully tended beds, vegetables soak up the sunshine.

An evening meal is in planning phase, with recipes and supplies laid out on the counter tops.  Spices perfuming the kitchen, scissors nearby for clipping fresh herbs.

This is a place to come home to, this is a place to build childhood memories, this is a place to be safe, this is a place to be loved.

By Jennifer Dennis aka RainyDayGardener


  1. You have described what we all strive for....ah, the American Dream.

  2. Perhaps that's why homes always decay so rapidly when they are not occupied. They miss us!

  3. I really believe a house absorbs the emotions of the people who live in it. There is a happy feeling in some houses, even if empty, and others feel sad.

  4. Very cool post. I especially like that there is no picture. Sounds like my cabin, except the kids.

  5. Sounds like a perfect type of day. It's really the simple things that make the memories we most cherish.

  6. So true. I just wish my people could do a little better job of keeping the floors clean. Oh well... :)


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