2013 Clackamas County Master Gardener's Fair

Whip out your hand fans, cause it was HOT the first weekend of May for the Spring Garden Fair, at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds, in my old home town of Canby, Oregon.

Over 200 vendors spent the weekend in little ol Canby and set up shop. I failed to bring a wagon or something besides my seven year old son's hands to haul my loot, so I hired a plant taxi and a very nice high school student from Molalla followed us around for nearly 3 hours with an over-sized garden wagon that we stuffed full. She was earning money for band and was a great helper for our entire shopping excursion.

I had only intended to visit a select few vendors that I knew would have wonderful plants. Dancing Oaks, Wind Dancer and Conifer Kingdom.

I found my way to Dancing Oaks and procured some lovely new perennials for my shade garden. Then, we headed towards Wind Dancer Garden. Wait..how did this lovely coral bark Japanese Maple make it's way into my cart?

Once I finally made it to Wind Dancer, I was delighted to meet the owners. I mentioned that I followed Scott's blog and had fallen in love with many of the grasses he showcased. Now, if  I said they gushed about Scott, it would be an understatement. Scott, you are loved in the gardening world!

At any rate, I ended up with two gorgeous grasses. Don't ask me what the heck funky latin name they are. It's after 10pm and I am not going outside in my bathrobe, flashlight in one hand, pen and paper in the other, to write it down. Do I sound like I've done this before?

And lastly, at Conifer Kingdom, I drooled over my new favorite plant type. Dwarf evergreens. I had to show considerable restraint and my kid was whining/over tired/hot..blah blah blah so I made a decision and got the Spanish Fir with the cute pink pine cones. Hooray! Snow cones for Everyone!

I could have spent the entire weekend there, putting myself into massive plant debt. So many great vendors and delightful plants too.

The best part of the day for me, was meeting up with neighbors who have recently been bitten by the gardening bug and helping them haul home a huge Japanese Maple. Gorgeous find. And hey, I'm the girl with the truck.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Not quite suncream weather here yet!

  2. Looks like a great sale! I have no trouble picturing you outside in your bathrobe in the dark with a flashlight. Because I've done that!

  3. Wow! Looks like a fun time at a great event! If you could only hire a band student to put your kid down for a nap, watch him and get him a snow cone when he awoke fresh and ready to be nice to mommy, it would have been the most perfect day ever! The late night bathrobe writing/going outside with a flashlight cracked me up because, like Alison, I too have done that!

    1. I think those band kids could make a lot of money offering a nanny service!

  4. This is one I've never made it to, maybe next year. Oh and I love the idea of hiring a plant taxi!!!

  5. Pink cones! I may have to look that up.

  6. Must remember next year that this sale is well worth a trip to Canby. You really captured the festive atmosphere.

  7. A plant taxi is a must at this sale! We were there Sunday morning and we still needed snow cones to cool off. I look forward to seeing your new purchases. :)

  8. It's so crazy there, isn't it! We went SUPER early on Saturday morning, hoping to beat the heat of the day...but it was still pretty awful. SO GLAD you met Carolyn from Wind Dancer, she's the sweetest! Heather and I are going to organize a trip to her nursery (she still has quite a bit of stock) in the near future. If you're interested in going, let me know...when I get a date settled with her, I'll post on FB for anyone who is interested :-)

  9. What a fabulous plant sale!!! Wow!!! Wish I had been there :)

  10. Having a big vehicle to carry home the loot is obviously a big DISadvantage on occasions like this. I usually find the "it won't fit in the car" argument helps me to stop buying too much, even though the temptation my be great. Sounds like you got some good plants though.

  11. We enjoyed having you and look forward to next year! a MG

  12. These photos make my mouth water. I really need to trek up there next year. What fun! That Japanese Maple is delicious. Kudos for your boy and the band student, bless their hearts.


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