Sebright Gardens Part 2

Sebright Gardens, located just north of Salem, Oregon in the Willamette Valley is a mecca for hosta, fern and epimedium enthusiasts.

In part one of my visit, I highlighted the vast nurseries, boasting 800 varieties of hostas. In this post, I would like to explore the gorgeous display gardens.

Walking through the display gardens and seeing the hostas in the natural light, assisted me with making decisions about what hostas and ferns to bring home. It was amazing to see them grouped together. Foliage truly was at it's finest.

Here are some pictures to share. Again, as in the last post, the photos are not of good quality as I forget my camera and used the camera phone.


New Display Gardens in the making
Brilliant Color from the Japanese Maples in the sunlight

Convinced to visit yet?

Don't forget the nursery in which to purchase all your new plants....

Over 800 varieties of hostas. That's all I'm saying.

It was a gorgeous. I highly recommend a visit.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. If anything could convince me that I need more Hostas, this place could! Some of them are gorgeous! Thanks for this look at their display garden.

  2. Beautiful and little slug and snail damage - what do they do?

  3. OOOH...AHH. Glorious hostas! O.K. I'll visit already, quit twisting my arm with your tempting pictures. Especially like the hosta in the next to last picture!

  4. So beautiful...wouldn't it be a dream to have a fast, wooded area to plant with dozens (maybe hundreds) of wonderful ferns and hosts! Sigh.

  5. Thanks for sharing your tour! I visited Sebright last year for the first time and it was amazing.

  6. This post has set up a new mantra in my head: head south, head south!

  7. Great tour, wish I could visit that lovely place someday. The garden is spectacular!


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