July Veggie Update

The warm weather has been kind to my vegetable garden. While I'm not a huge fan of all the time the watering takes when the rain is no where in sight; I do appreciate the results.

The slicing cucumbers are growing at a rapid speed. I expect to harvest quite a few this week, perfect timing for a dinner party I am hosting this weekend. Fresh cucumber salad anyone?

The sugar pumpkins have taken to the trellis and seem content enough. I do love sugar pumpkins. I love processing and preserving them in the fall. And, I love homemade pumpkin pie! There is absolutely no comparison home grown pumpkin meat and canned. Home grown is incredible!

I have been manually pollinating my pumpkins and squash. I suppose I'm a bit impatient with mother nature, but I do find that compared to my efforts in the past, when I make sure to manually pollinate, I get more fruit.

My tomatoes are in desperate need of a prune. I have excellent growth and I'm seeing plenty of toms form, but I know from past experience, this is the time to cut off those low stems. Not only will it create a better movement of air around the plants, it will help the plant put it energy into the existing tomatoes, ripening them at a faster pace. 

July is my favorite month in the vegetable garden. The plants are robust and healthy. Nothing has gotten too dry and I can see the fruits of my labor growing and ripening. No preserving just yet, just enjoying those early vegetables, fresh. 

In addition to the existing and ancient concord grape vine already in place in the garden, we added a seedless green and purple grape vines. 

Already, I have friends drooling over my concord grapes. They are dreaming of concord grade jam.

My response is, I'll be happy to have some after you make it! :)

This week, I'll be pulling the Walla Walla Onions as they are huge! And, I'll be laying new compost in the beds I empty. 

I've got winter seeds to sow, such as parsnips and winter carrots. I'll be starting cabbage, broccoli, shallots and brussels sprouts. These will all be new for me. I am determined to move beyond the easy garlic winter garden into a more diverse winter and over winter crop selection.

Wish me luck!

Cheers, Jenni


  1. I love this time in the veggie garden too. I should give manual pollination a go with my squash too, I seem to be getting very few. Lots of flowers, but the fruit is slow going. Your sugar pumpkin is huge. My autumn/winter squashes are too, threatening to take over. Maybe you can just eat the grapes out of hand.

  2. Do you get blight in your area? We stopped growing tomatoes outdoors because of it.

    Everything is looking lush and healthy!

  3. I'm no where near as ambitious, and right about now I'm regretting that. I do enjoy seeing the yumminess of your garden as it evolves.

  4. I'm way behind in the veg. though I have three ripe cherry tomatoes , popped those in my mouth quick. All mine are in plastic pots, except the winter squash from Alison which I've surprisingly found space for in the ground.
    Your veg look great!

  5. Your veg. Look great. I'm way behind you, All mine are in plastic pots , except the squash From Alison , which I surprisingly found room for in the ground. I do have a bumper crop of Santa Rosa plums which are just now ripening which are so yummy.

  6. Wow, everything has gotten so HUGE! I totally agree about hand-pollinating gourds...it's so much more reliable.

  7. Everything looks great. I wish my veggies were that far along. I have a while yet. You will enjoy the grapes.

  8. Salivating already! Best of luck with all the winter crops! It is such a treasure to have as fall returns... And how do I know this? Well, my farmer brings them to me! In this company, I'm embarrassed to admit that other than raspberries, herbs and a few edible flowers, there is not much of edible value in my yard, but I might as well get it over with. So there - my secret is out! Good for you for being so on top of it!

  9. Your blog title drew me today -- it is a very rainy day here -- we are having the wettest summer I can remember. It is great not to have to water, but my garden is suffering with slugs and mildew. Your veggie update is inspiring. I have tomato envy. Love your raised beds -- I wish I had made all of mine deeper. P. x


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