Ann Folkard Geranim - My favorite plant this week

Oh, she's a rangy one, this plant. I had no idea when I innocently picked her up last year, just what monster plant she would be.

My husband calls her 'alien plant' as she's taken over nearly the entire front flower bed.

Her long arms, spread and gracefully, wind through other plants to create a lush and full flower bed. 

Ann Folkard is a hardy, geranium hybrid. Some quick facts from Great Plant Picks:

Plant Type: spreading perennial
Foliage Type: deciduous
Plant Height:Heights represent a 10-year-old woody plant or a 5-year-old perennial or bulb 2 ft. 0 in. (0.61 meters)
Plant Width/Spread: 3 ft. 0 in. (0.91 meters)
Hardiness: USDA Zones 5 to 8
Flower Color: purple
Sun/Light Exposure: full sun
Water Requirements: regular watering during prolonged dry spells

Ann Folkard has frankly, taken over my front flower beds.

I planted her up at the top, left hand side. She has nearly reached the grass and the other side of the bed.  I enjoy the sprawl. 

I'm going to be on the lookout for another, sprawling, low plant to compliment her. Many of the plants I put in the bed last fall have not done as well as I hoped, but Ann Folkard has been a winner. 

Suggestions for complimenting, low-growing, sprawling plants?

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Cheers, Jenni


  1. She is a great gal...a truly fabulous plant! I have to say, mine look positively dreadful this year, for some reason...I'm guessing our early heat she seemed to suffer through it, but never recover. Still, she's hard to beat for her great weaving habit...which really ties a garden together. You could pair her with another Geranium...or perhaps Verbena 'Homestead Purple'. Of course, she looks particularly smashing paired with plants with dark foliage.

    1. I'm going to keep my eye out for another geranium. I like the idea of pair her with dark foliage too. With her chartreuse leaves and popping purple color, you are right, it would look wonderful!

  2. Oh my! In the first few photos I was just thinking what a sweet blossom, then Pow! You pull back for the full shot and I see just how crazy things have gotten. Still pretty though...

  3. Hardy geranimuns seed themselves too - I have some between pavers on the front driveway.

    Laminum is a vigoraout sprawler, there's also thyme which is less vigorous. Sme plats are just too invasive to recommend.

  4. Just noticed the hosta with what appears to be no slug damage.

  5. I love that geranium plant as well. Last year I divided mine and made more for the garden. As per Scott, I was thinking another geranium would be good. Or maybe something with white flowers, a daisy type plant?

  6. Between you and scott, I think you've pulled this one into the "must have" category for me. I like her with blue things (that grass looks great next to her).

  7. The way she meanders through that whole bed really ties things together in an excellent way.
    Per Scott's suggestion for something with dark foliage, how about Ajuga 'Black Scallop'?


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