Late Autumn Foliage

I thought I would enjoy a walk around the gardens this morning. The talk among the weather watchers in the Pacific Northwest, is that a cold, arctic air mass, will move down late this next weekend and hang around the following week. This could bring extremely cold temps and lowland snow to our region. I thought I should snap up some pictures to enjoy the moment before my plants 'hardiness' gets a true test.

Dwarf Spanish Fir. The tiny pine cones are so delicate.
Calicarpa dichotoma 'Beautyberry'

Can you find the rotten 'Demon' cat? He thinks he is cleverly hiding. He has no idea how massive he is.

I believe he was trying to eat me. Again.

It felt good to see the leaves covering the flower beds. It looked as though the beds had a nice, warm blanket on top of them.

Autumn Fern (Dryopteris erythrosora)
Viola's with a backdrop of Panicum virgatum 'Rostrahlbusch'
Cape Fuchsia 'Passionate' The dark leaves offer such a nice color contrast to the greens and browns in the flower bed.
Pennisetum Spathiolatum
Cryptomeria japonica 'Little Diamond'
As I walked around the gardens with the cats, winding themselves around my legs, trying to kill me; I was struck by how beautiful the gardens were in a quiet kind of way.  Most of my ferns are still holding their foliage and while many a blooming plant has retreated, their seed heads offer interesting texture and food for the birds.

And speaking of birds, don't forget our feathered friends during this cold snap. I have a troop of Anna humming birds still hanging around the feeder as well as many winter birds enjoying the suet feeder. The kitties have bells to offer warning to the birds, not that they are out and about much....I mean, really, it's cold people.

Wishing all of my US blogging friends a 'Happy Thanksgiving'.
Cheers, Jenni


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jenni! It will all be crinkly or mushy very soon. I am not looking forward to snow. As far as I'm concerned it should stay in the Arctic where it belongs.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Alison! Sadly, you might get the worst of white stuff and cold temps up north! PDX could be spared...well, we'll see. Makes for some excitement though and probably new spaces to plant next!

  3. I just came in from a walkabout myself. Good idea to take it all in now, while we still can.

  4. Well, it may be cold, but you evidently still have sunshine! I hate the long dark days... I want to be out in the garden EVERY day.

  5. Happy Thanksgivng, Jenni and I hope your plants and you survive the cold.

  6. I think that's one of the things I love about autumn...there's that feeling that we have to enjoy it while it lasts...that it's fleeting. I'm secretly hoping for snow! Stay warm and Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Your garden still looks so nice in this time of year. The foliage of your Cape Fuchsia 'Passionate' looks wonderful, I wonder if this Fuchsia is hardy at your place. May be with a blanket of snow, which protects plants against frost. In our country we still have dull but mild weather this November. for me frost and snow may stay away at least till Christmas.

  8. I hope the weather people are just being dramatic and the arctic blast will be nothing more than a silly sound bite. Nice photos. Sweet kitties.

  9. I am envious. I haven't seen my garden since October. Love the tour. Glad the cat didn't get you.

  10. Demon cat may be rotten, but he's awfully handsome! : ) Lovely photos, Jenni. Wishing you warmth, beauty and joy this holiday season! Although peace is probably less realistic, sending peaceful wishes, too!!


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