My Favorite Plant of the Week 'Himalayan Blueberry'

It's post hard freeze, here in the Willamette Valley. Our 10+ days of frigid temps had me concerned about what plants would be damaged or lost.

As I inspected my garden beds today, in the thick mist that was gently falling, I noticed an often over looked little ground cover. Vaccinium Moupinense, aka Himalayan Blueberry, was looking fantastic after the cold spell.

Vaccinium Moupinense 'Himalayan Blueberry'
It has a range of foliage color, from a bright 'new leaf' green to burgundy red. It is a compact plant and perfect for borders or containers. I have mine placed in a raised garden bed, with room to grow and expand, as it has a medium growth rate. I can't wait for it to fill in. These plants like well draining, acidic soil. 

The foliage is evergreen and it was not a water hog over our drier / hotter than normal summer. 

Stats from

Zones 5b - 8b
H  1' - 2'
W 1' - 3'

Sun, part sun. 

As it matures, this plant will also provide edible berries (mostly for the birds) if placed in at least six hours of sunshine during the summer months. 

This little guy is a winner for winter foliage. The tips of burgundy red are a welcome sight, as many other plants are brown, mushy green or something in between. 

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Cheers, Jenni


  1. The Himalayan Blueberry is presumably originally from the Himalayas, so it must love the cold conditions you have been experiencing.

  2. Lovely colorful foliage! Does it stay so colorful even in the summer?

    1. DG - I remember seeing the leaves with lighter reddish hues during summer, but they have deepened since it's gotten colder.

  3. Beautiful color of leaves

  4. I love this little guy too. I had one for several years in a large pot. Last year I cut it back drastically because it was looking kind of sad and it promptly died. Moral of the story, take care of it the correct way in the first place and it will reward you with years of beauty. I am a bad gardener.

    If we don't "talk" before the big day, I hope you have a warm and wonderful Christmas.

    1. Thanks Grace! Wishing you a very Happy Christmas! I will take good care of them. I was thinking they would be nice in pots too.

  5. Your Himalayan Blueberry is looking gorgeous after the cold snap. I'm adding it to my shopping list.

    1. It's really be a pleasant surprise to see the rich, burgundy colors with all else looking pretty.....blah. I'm excited for it to get bigger and become more dominant in the beds it's placed in.


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