Snow Action

I practiced my action photography yesterday. I walked down to Willamette Park, where a decent sledding hill called to all the local children. My son, Rusty, joined his neighborhood friends and I enjoyed capturing their happiness in the snow.

Here are some of my favorite snow action photographs:

Rusty begins another descent, Willamette Park, Oregon
Neighbors Taylor and Izzy could challenge the Olympic bobsledders
Neighbor dad Jason with daughter Athena, right before the big crash. 
Alex's big crash
Taylor and the power ride
Rusty and his buddy Max clearly enjoying the ride
Neighbor Sarah shows her kids how to tame the mighty sledding hill

Rusty gets iced after picking a snowball fight with Jason, Willamette Park
I hope these fun action shots brought a smile to your face. I enjoyed capturing the day with my friends and neighbors during this rare snow event in Oregon.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Kids + snow=pure delight. Glad you captured those moments and let us in on the fun.

  2. Great action photos - especially the one of the crash! :) No snow over here - only rain, rain and more rain (you'd probably feel completely At Home!)

  3. Great shots...I especially like that second one! I've been hearing about your big snow even from friends who live in Portland. Glad you could enjoy it while you have it!

  4. Super action shots! You should maybe take your camera to Sochi! One of the things I love about our rare snow days is seeing all the kids in the park nearby sledding down the hills and having fun!

  5. A fun posting, Jenni. Great shots! And you have beautiful children -- glad you are enjoying them -- they grow up so fast. P. x

  6. Glad to see fun in the snow. It is here for a while, so one might as well enjoy it.

  7. Jenni, these are great photos . Fun to see them, thanks for sharing. Spring is coming.


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