It's just Plain Ol' Wet Outside!

Here in Northwest Oregon, we're used to a wet and dreary March. Gray days with soft, frizzy rain, leaving misty drops in your hair.

But, not so much this year. This March, it's been monsoon season. We've nearly set records.

Lamprocapnos spectabilis (bleeding heart)
I never mind the soft, misty kind of rain in early spring. It makes for good leafy, edible greens. But, the balloon sized raindrops, that will soak you in one hit, (ok, I exaggerate), has been a bit much.

I love having enough moisture to kick off the growing season, but wading through mini - rivers seems a bit excessive.

Alchemilla 'Ladies Mantle'
Dare I say that there could be a few 'partly sunny' days ahead? The mushy brown mud pit that was formerly my lawn, fears the worst.

I have no idea what this petite, upright, shrub is, but I love it. 
Rain rain, go away come back in November. Or, January 2015.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. We have broken records here for rainfall in March. I am enjoying the heck out of every fleeting moment of sunshine. The raindrops on your plants do look pretty.

  2. "Rain rain go away" was the soundtrack to my March. I am so over it! Hopefully we've turned the corner and April will indeed be brighter.

  3. But oh, so beautiful in your photos.

  4. Hope Spring's bright cheer arrives soon & brings along some gardening inspiration for you, Jenni! We would gladly invite some of that moisture to head south to us here in CA. With our current drought situation, I welcome the nourishing sound of each precious raindrop these days.

  5. Ug, rain is usually good for the garden, but too much can be a problem! Last spring was very rainy in my area (midwest) and I actually lost some plants to waterlogged soil. Hope your plants survive the flood!

  6. I know what you mean. I really get tired of the rain when I want to be outside and can't because I'll get pummeled. And it doesn't help when the temp drops into the 40s. Brrr. Fortunately things are looking up. Next week will be better. Despite getting soaked by downpour, your photos are lovely.

  7. Very murky and miserable here this week

  8. Beautiful shots! I'm so grateful that we've Marched on into April.

  9. Kind of true to your blog's title, then! Beautiful pictures of your very fresh-looking garden. Hope you get some sunshine soon. We have seen a good sign of spring here. A chipmunk out from hibernation! (We got some fresh snow yesterday, and are wondering if the winter is ever going to end.)


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