Wednesday Vignette - The Birdbath

This small, lily pad shaped bird bath, has been keeping my little feathered friends hydrated this summer. I have a larger birdbath, with large rocks and shallower spots for the bee's and butterflies that visit. 
My cat, Demon, likes to sit under it. He thinks he'll get some tasty treat, but the birds and I have out smarted him. All the birds visit this small bird bath on the other side of the flower garden, away from Demon the Terrible. 

I fill this birdbath every night and last night the light was just right for a pretty picture, The phlox is nearly done. And I'm hoping this hot summer is going to be done soon too.

Demon the Terrible in the spring garden

Cheers, Jenni


  1. The photographer's eye is as integral to a good vignette as finding good subject matter. You have both!

  2. Great shots of the birdbath with the Phlox, and of the Demon. My neighbor's cats have taken to hiding in my front garden, waiting for hummers to come by.

  3. The phlox is still looking lovely and I'm sure the birds are grateful for the extra water (and the cat bell!) I hope you guys get some rain soon. The fires in the PNW are quite alarming (and even made the news here in Australia). Matt

  4. Beautiful vignette and Demon The Terrible is very handsome!

  5. Is he really a demon? Beautiful photo. :o)


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