Wednesday Vignette 6.22.16

Verbena Bonariensis
I like how this stem of verbena bonariensis looks like a cheerleader of summer....purple pom poms waving with gusto to announce the summer season has arrived.

With our neighbors to the southwest scorching in the heat, NW Oregon weather feels...perfect.

Welcome summer. Visit Anna at Flutter and Hum to see more fun Wednesday Vignette posts.

Cheers, Jenni


  1. I love the Verbena Bonariensis too. It allows me to add a bit of height to my flower garden without taking up much ground space. Don't know about Summer though. We have thunderstorms and torrential rain today. Not at all summery!

  2. Haha - it is the PERFECT cheerleader! Never thought about that before, and I bet now I will never NOT think about that. Thanks for the visual, Jenni!

  3. Verbena bonariensis has migrated all over here and makes me happy wherever it appears. Lovely photo.

  4. I have loads of these in my garden. They're such tough plants and the pollinators love them. :o) Great photo!


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