A Taste of the Big Island

I've been very neglectful about processing the photos from my trip to Hawaii last March. We stayed on the Big Island, halfway between Kona and Hilo, near the little town of Pahala.

The condo was situated right next to Punalu'u Beach, with it's famous black sands and green sea turtles. The grounds were nicely landscaped with hibiscus and plumeria plants.

yellow hibiscus

pink pulmeria 
I will honestly never forget the sight of pulmeria growing like weeds along the roadsides. I had one, pictured above, situated outside of my bedroom window. The fragrance was sweet, in the simplest and purest way possible.

Here's a look around the grounds.

bird of paradise

The leaves of this plant were tough and thick like leather

It's nice to enjoy colorful blooms during our quiet season, here in the Pacific Northwest. I remember the vivid colors, the heavy rain during a thunderstorm and the loud chatter of birds at dawn.

Now that I'm in the groove, I'll work on processing all the photos that I took on my favorite mini trip while on vacation ....to the Hawaiian Botanical Gardens. I can't wait to share it with you!



  1. My sister is going to Hawaii next week. We lived on the big island for 4 years during our childhood and this is the first time either of us has been back. I asked her to buy me a plumeria plant. Great photos.

    1. I brought home a pulmeria too. It's got leaves although I don't know how happy it is in my drafty old house.

  2. Oh, please, more photos of your trip to Hawaii! I've wanted to visit for years but for some reason have never been able to convince Nigel to go. Now he's finally talking about visiting next year. We're probably going to stay on Maui.

    1. I'm working on my posts for the visit the Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Gardens..which was a place I'd love to see again! It was tough to adjust to the heat and humidity, I won't lie but the ecology was so stunning, it was worth it!

  3. Beautiful! It’s one of those places I can’t believe I’ve never been to...

    1. I seriously cannot believe you haven't been there either. You'd love the Kona side, with the dry gardening. I saw a lot of spiky plants and thought of you several times during our visit :)

  4. Thank you for sharing your incredible pictures of the beautiful flora on your trip to Hawaii, and the botanical gardens. It made me feel like I took a short trip back to Hawaii. I would love to stay at the condo you stayed in near Pahala. It looks and sounds so inviting!


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