A Look at the Garden in November

 I thought I would be creating more blog posts during the pandemic shut down and my transition to working from home, but alas, it was not to be. I have spent many weekend and evening hours in my gardens. They have provided me with great joy and contentment in a world that feels very uncertain at times. 

Pictured above, my late sowing of branching sunflowers produced some fine blooms that carried into October. I started the seeds in early July, planted out by August and was rewarded with cheerful blooms whose bright colors contrasted so beautifully with the autumn sky. I'll be leaving them for the birds. 
Speaking of birds, the image below is of  'Lesser Goldfinches' who come to dine on the aging sunflowers and love the thistle seed feeder in my backyard. Last year, they hung around most of the winter, so I'll be keeping the thistle feeder full for them.

 As I walked the backyard, cut flower boxes, I was rewarded with a sighting of a rather large, 'Hunts' bumblebee, enjoying the last of the 'Rubenza' and  'Purity' cosmos blooms. 

The garden in late autumn has the most beautiful hues as plants age and their foliage turns. This past October was quite dry for NW Oregon, which caused the panicums to dry out more quickly. Below, a shot of 'Shenandoah' in a very golden hue. 

The berries in my backyard gardens are rather interesting at the moment. The raspberry canes still have juicy fruit hanging and the blueberry foliage is turning delicious shades of red.

Below, Sedum 'Autumn Joy' is such a workhorse in my summer and autumn gardens. I'm sincerely impressed by this plant. It's upright structure is very pleasing and it is a haven for bees. I continue to thin and spread this plant around my garden. It's non-thirsty nature is also great as the PNW summers become hotter and dryer.


I'm very pleased that my attempts to provide food sources for pollinators is paying off...additionally, my hopes of attracting hummingbirds and providing food sources for them is also a success.  Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue' is still blooming despite a few nights of dropping below the freezing mark.

Which makes the Anna hummingbirds very happy. 

And my little rescue pooch, Tillie, is also happy to have a garden to enjoy. She's a good companion as I tackle autumn garden chores.

Finally, here's a look at the changing colors of Acer palmatum 'Twombly's Red Sentinel'. It's a perfect tree for a small space and the angle of the autumn sun really brings out a love hue. 

Wishing all glad tidings for a joyful autumn season.



  1. Beautiful photos - the lighting on the salvia and sedums! wow!


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