Enjoying Early Spring bulbs

We have been blessed with a few fine 70 degree days this early April! I have fully enjoyed them and have gotten some dirt therapy in!
The Daffodils and Giant Hyacinths are blooming. Soon the native Wood Hyacinths and Forget Me Not's will be bursting with blue and purple hues along the side shade garden.
I was pleased to find some volunteer pansies growing in the gravel driveway and I dug them up and placed them in pots. I love cost saving measures ;)
I see buds of dahlia's on the rise, foxglove and hollyhock will follow.
The ancient lialac trees in the back yard will soon burst forth as will the gentle rhododendron 'tree' .
Sadly, the lovely weather will disappear as quickly as it arrived..rain is in the forecast tomorrow.

Happy Gardening!


  1. Jen, I am starting to plant a few things in my small backyard... the only problem is everything has to be in some sort of a pot and it is very shady back there. I have a bleeding heart, some different varieties of ferns, a fuchsia and some iris. I was wondering if you could recommend anything else that might thrive in those conditions?

  2. Yes!
    Astilbe, Hosta, Begonia (and they trail nicely w/lovely big blooms) Coral bells (they have lovely foliage all year almost) Ajuga, comes in many varieties and is a nice ground cover or filler in pots.
    And..you can keep your primroses going all summer if you keep them well shaded...oh and pansies!! I will move my pots w/pansies to the shaded back of the house after next month and they will bloom ALL summer!! :)
    Hope that helps!


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