My Garden's Furry Friends

I love digging in the dirt, wandering around my gardens, admiring my flowers and foliage, but, without my furry gardening buddies, those tasks would be a bit lonely.

Puma, or as he's lovingly called 'Pooka' has been my gardening companion for over eight years. He's was adopted by us as a kitten from a family friend whose 'barn cat' had a litter of unwanted kittens. Pooka was suppose to be my husband's cat but he found me more to his liking. He faithfully follows me around when I am working on the yard, always hanging around close by, but in typical cat fashion, not too close.

Three years ago, I was a social worker and one of my clients was interning at an animal shelter to gain job skills. My client was very happy and proud of the work she was doing. She invited me to visit the shelter and see how she was doing. Of course I had to go, but I was worried. You see I have a 'SUCKER' stamp on my forehead when it comes to shelter cats. I have a soft heart.

Silver Cat
This silver tabby locked eyes with me during the above mentioned visit and my resolve was gone. He was six months old when we adopted him from the shelter, having been born at the shelter. He's a very affectionate fellow and guards my gardens well from moles and squirrels.

And thus our family was set. Cats, kids and a dog, I felt we were complete. We moved back into the Portland area and last fall, were settling in nicely. Then there was a tremor in the force.

Demon Cat
Some friends of my dad had rescued a litter of kittens that their hillbilly neighbors planned to bag and toss into the Columbia River. Horrid, I know. So, kittens got passed out among folks and my dad ended with this gray little fuzzball. My dad tried to give him to my elderly grandmother, but the cat was such a terror that she couldn't handle him. So, she gave him back. Then he terrorized my dad's older cats. Something had to be done. I offered to take him. We attempted to name him something cute, like Bear Cub or Tommy, but no name we tried would stick. He harassed poor Puma around the house and Silver Cat was young enough to find him entertaining. He climbed up everything, bit our toes in the middle of the night and we thought he might be the devil himself with all the destruction he caused. So, the name Demon stuck.

My furry gardening friends do not lack in personality. The three of them have been at my side all spring as I've dug up new garden beds, planted, watered, cursed, sweated and beamed with joy at my new creations. They entertain me, as they chase each other around, stalk wiggly weeds in the breeze and sometime dig holes where they aren't suppose too.

Gardening is more fun with my three furry critters around. The two human critters I have, aren't bad either ;)

Cheers, Jenni


  1. Thank goodness you finally showed us who actually has been doing the work in your garden! Your furry gardeners look like a hard-working and very handsome trio!

  2. Silver Cat is so very pretty, with those blue eyes. When I visited, I got a dose of personality and friendliness from two of your cats (especially Puma), but I remember the Demon Cat was not particularly sociable.

    Will Becks get a post of his own? He's cute too.

    1. Maybe a post for Becks down the road. I'm really a cat person, but that dog does her best to play 'cat' much of the time ;)

  3. Love your feline helpers.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Beautiful cats, especially Silver Cat, who is exceptionally handsome (and obviously knows it)! I'm a "cat person" too. We always used to have two cats, wherever we were, usually siblings. We once had two Siamese. Our last two were tabby Moggies with loads of personality (attitude?). Since the last one died a few years ago we have not got any more, because we felt that their presence tied us down a bit. We hated putting them in a cattery when we went away on holiday. Instead we "borrow" cats from our neighbours. There are plenty of them around in our area.

  5. They don't undo all your good work then?

    What about Demon has he calmed down?

    1. Hi Sue, the cats are pretty good about not messing things up. The dog digs holes and digs up bulbs. Not sure why, but she does more damage than the three cats.

  6. Our Sami looks a lot like Puma, but refuses to pose for photos. We'll have to have you and your camera over to see if you can do the job.

  7. I had a cat...all black, with beautiful copper eyes, for 14 years. She was gorgeous and very sweet. Great post and photos. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. We rescued our cat from a shelter too. I wish we could adopt more, but my husband is allergic. Good for you for having a soft heart - it is a good thing! :)

    I loved your Sweet Tea Heucherella on our foliage post. Tried to comment, but I think I deleted it, so I'm putting it here instead!

  9. Now see what a fun time you can have Bootsie when you follow your people in the running away to all the neighbors...

    I'm going to have to show this post to my cat.


  10. Adorable, beautiful friends you have in gardening and what a tender heart you have - no wonder they are so loyal to you.

    Somehow(me) we have ended up with 3 cats, they watch me garden but they don't follow me around (the dogs do because they like to eat anything the garden gives up including grubs) but the cats love the rodents and keep my yard and all the neighbors yards rodent free.

  11. Such sweet faces! You know I love my cats too...and it's so reassuring to have them tag along whenever I'm working in, or walking around, the garden :-)

  12. A tremor in the force? That cracked me up. I love how you tried to name Demon something sweet. We had the same problem with The Assistant. We originally named her Daisy but that didn't work and we kept calling her Satan. So we combined the names into Sadie. You have three wonderful feline companions to keep you company in your garden. And Pooka is a lovely nickname.


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